8 Spring Break Vacation Bible School Activity Ideas

8 Spring Break Vacation Bible School Activity Ideas Great games are what make an awesome Vacation Bible School, whether is at Spring Break or not. Of course, the spiritual side is the most important but …

8 Spring Break Vacation Bible School Activity Ideas

Great games are what make an awesome Vacation Bible School, whether is at Spring Break or not. Of course, the spiritual side is the most important but kids need to have fun, too. Many times kids come back for the fun and do not realize they have learned many important beliefs of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There are many games to choose from like the old-school games but there are also new and innovative ideas that can be used as well.

Are There 8 Spring Break Vacation Bible School Activity Ideas?

There are numerous fun Vacation Bible School activities out there – both classic as well as modern ones. Why not mix and match the old with the new to add a spark of excitement that will keep children engaged? To make things easier, here’s an offer you can’t refuse: 16 awesome activity ideas for your Spring Break VBS…and it’s free. Eight traditional games and eight new ones; get ready for twice the amount of fun.


Here Are 8 Old- School Spring Break Vacation Bible School Activity Ideas:

Duck, Duck, Goose

When playing Duck, Duck, Goose, one person is chosen to be the goose and placed in the center of a group. Everyone else quickly ducks down while the goose taps someone on their head and says “Duck.” If that person doesn’t answer quickly enough, they become the new goose! The previous goose must then join everyone else as a duck in forming a circle around them again.

Red Light, Green Light

To participate in Red Light, Green Light, one player is selected to become the stoplight. This individual faces away from all other players located at the opposite end of the playing area before saying “green light”. When they turn around and yell out “red light”, everyone must return to their starting spot and line up again. As soon as they say “green light” once more, participants can start walking toward them slowly. When the streetlight shouts “red light,” everyone needs to stay still. If someone shifts, they are disqualified. The last individual standing wins and is declared the new stoplight.

Musical Chairs

Start Musical Chairs by arranging one less chair than the total number of players around a designated area. Begin playing music and have participants move around these chairs in a circular direction. When it is time to come to an end, everyone must find their seat quickly! Whoever fails to do so first will be eliminated; continue this procedure until only one person remains standing and they’ll be crowned as your champion.

Simon Says

In Simon Says, the leader (Simon) will call out different commands that all players must follow. If a command is issued without prefacing it with “Simon says,” then participants should not move accordingly. If a person does something without being prompted by “Simon says,” then they are eliminated. The activity continues until no one else is left.

Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag is an active game that is great for getting everyone to participate. The person who is “it” has to find and tag the other players. When a player gets tagged, they have to stand still like a statue until someone else comes along and touches them, breaking the spell. The last person to be tagged is the winner.

Bible Charades

This enthralling game tests how well players know the Bible by acting out words written on a piece of paper while their teams attempt to guess what it is. There is a time limit so players must be quick to find the correct answer. The first team to find it is the winner. It can get loud but very fun. Get ready for an abundance of drama and excitement.

Bible Drills

This is a classic game that tests players on their knowledge of the Bible. Players are given several verses and are required to quickly find them to score points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. To make it more interesting, add challenges such as time limits or bonus questions for extra points. This game can be played in teams or individually.

Bible Story Time

After the children have played hard during the games, everyone is ready to wind down and relax. Bible story time is the perfect way to do this: Gather the kids in a circle and find Bible stories that they find interesting. Use them as teaching moments by making sure the kids understand the moral of each story.

Most churches are looking for the newest and most popular activities for their Vacation Bible School programs. Adding in a few of the tried and true games and activities, such as the ones listed above, are sure to keep kids engaged while they find good bible curriculum. Have fun and make lasting memories with these 8 Spring Break Vacation Bible School Activity Ideas.

You never know you might get a few adults playing too. When you get a few adults acting like a kid too there is a surety of silliness that will add a memorable moment to the experience. Take a chance and try them.

Here Are 8 Newer Spring Break Vacation Bible School Activity Ideas:

Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt

Bible exploration can be made exciting for children when incorporating activities such as word searches, finding Bible verses in the surrounding area, or participating in trivia. You can find printouts of these activities online or construct your own to challenge the children’s knowledge of biblical subjects.

Bible Trivia

Hop online to find some exciting Bible trivia questions and get your kids thinking! The first kid who answers all of the questions correctly will be crowned the winner. Make it a game with a little friendly competition, and you’ll have an enjoyable time for everyone involved

Bible Art Projects

Give your children the opportunity to express their imaginative side by providing them with an array of supplies necessary for making artwork related to particular scriptural subjects. Provide crayons, markers, glue, and anything else they may need to craft a work of art that illustrates stories or concepts from the Bible.


Let’s take the fun of a backyard clubhouse and use it as an analogy for inviting all into God’s kingdom. This is also a great opportunity to encourage kids to engage in service activities, learn how to view others through God’s perspective, and have some kid-friendly decorating and snacks. A real clubhouse experience awaits!

My Superhero Jesus

Create a captivating “hall of wonders” with vivid images and descriptions to demonstrate Jesus’ miracles. Encourage your children to have dress-up days as their favorite Bible hero or even create an imaginary hero that embodies positive character traits. Remind them that the power given by Jesus is incomparable!

God’s Armour

Both boys and girls can commemorate bravery and faith in God as they bravely face life’s battles. Decorate your party with camouflage prints, canteens, or steel suits of armor from the past to create a unique atmosphere. Incorporate themes such as patriotism and citizenship while playing anthems that pay homage to our beloved country and our Lord above.

Deep In the Ocean

Come and explore the depths of God’s love with us! We’ll have a great time diving into an underwater photo booth, making new friends, and playing with props. Let’s find out just how deep God’s love goes. Our stage will be decorated with fun sea creatures, making it feel like we’re really under the sea.

Outer Space

By exploring the twinkling stars above, you can gain insight into God’s remarkable creativity and understand His marvelous ability to keep the universe in perfect harmony. Decorating is a breeze with some glimmering light strings, orbs that look like planets, and snacks of out-of-this-world names for an added touch! Let your imagination take off as you learn about all the amazing truths from our vast cosmos.

These are just a few of the many Vacation Bible School activities that can be done during Spring Break. With some creativity and careful planning, you can find great activities to engage the kids in learning about their faith while having fun at the same time.

Gather the kids and encourage them to engage in these fun activities. This is a great opportunity to have the kids use their imaginations, learn about the bible, and act out different characters from the bible. Let your children show off their knowledge of the Bible and have fun at the same time during Spring Break with these activity ideas. Have a great Spring Break Vacation at Bible School.


Spring Break Vacation Bible School is a great opportunity for children to have fun while learning more about their faith. With these activity ideas, find good bible curriculum, and some creativity you can find the perfect activities to engage your kids in learning while having fun. Remind them that the power given by Jesus is incomparable! Enjoy your time spent at Vacation Bible School during Spring Break.