How Do You Get A Speeding Ticket Dismissed in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, when you get caught speeding, points will be assessed against you on your driving record. The more tickets you get, the more points are added and the harsher the penalties. With the stack-up …

In Oklahoma, when you get caught speeding, points will be assessed against you on your driving record. The more tickets you get, the more points are added and the harsher the penalties. With the stack-up of points, you could be facing excessive fees, higher insurance premiums, or even the suspension of your drivers’ license. While the hope is that you would learn to drive a little bit safer and not get so many points against you, luckily, you can still get these points and speeding tickets dismissed! This article will cover the process of how you can get your speeding ticket(s) dismissed in Oklahoma, as well as clean up your driving record.

Can You Get a Speeding Ticket Dismissed in Oklahoma?

Getting caught speeding can end up costing you a lot of money, fortunately, you have the opportunity to contest the charges of the ticket and even get it dismissed. This is extremely important because in many states, paying the fine automatically means an admission of guilt and the violation goes on your record. So, what can you do to get an Oklahoma speeding ticket dismissed?

  • Provide proof that information taken at the time of the incident is incorrect or invalid
  • Demonstrate compliance before your court date to reduce or eliminate the charges
  • Enroll in a court-approved defensive driving or driver improvement course and complete it before the due date
  • Hire an attorney to contest the charges on your behalf

By pursuing any of these steps, you have a good chance of getting your speeding ticket dismissed in Oklahoma. Let’s explore why.

Proof of Incorrect or Invalid Information Regarding the Incident

Most of the time, when you receive a traffic ticket, you are guilty of doing something wrong. In this case, finding proof to present to the court that the incident in question leaves you not guilty can be a challenge. Always pay attention to the details surrounding your speeding ticket.

Check the driver’s license number, license plate number, date, vehicle make, model, color, speed, and location of where the incident took place. Each of these details, if proven incorrect, can lead to a dismissal of your ticket. Do you have evidence that extenuating circumstances at the time the ticket was issued were the cause of the violation and can release you of your guilt? If so, this is what you must bring with you to court when answering the charges to have a better chance of getting the ticket dismissed.

Demonstrate Your Willingness to Cooperate

Whenever a speeding or traffic ticket is issued, your court date and time are written on the bottom. Before that court date, if you can demonstrate your willingness to cooperate or comply, there is a chance you can get your case tossed out in court without the charges being added to your record.

Compliance can be shown by your enrollment in a driver improvement course, proof that you have acquired any documents or updated the equipment that was out-of-date at the time of the incident, and/or even submitting proof that you have had no offenses since the violation occurred.

Judges face many different traffic cases and can be more willing to toss yours if you show that you have taken steps to drive safer.

Enroll In and Complete a Driver Improvement Course

Court-approved driver improvement courses are a great option to keep your insurance costs down and get an eligible ticket dismissed. The challenge with this option is that not all violations are eligible and approved for driver improvement school. If you are thinking about pursuing this line of inquiry, keep in mind the date on your ticket and contact the customer service department to see if you can sign up.

If you are eligible, you will be required to pay an administrative fee and all requirements must be completed by the due date. Don’t let the administrative fee deter you – it will likely be much less expensive than your ticket and any attorney fees! By doing this course you will show to the court that you are committed to driving safely and they will likely dismiss your ticket without any issue.


Hire an Attorney

Many people don’t realize that they are entitled to contest the charges of their speeding/traffic violation. They also may not realize that attorney fees are often much less expensive than paying the ticket and/or the increase in their insurance premiums. There are several attorneys out there that are familiar with traffic court and can have your case dismissed faster than you ever expected.

In most cases, your attorney will simply ask you for the information regarding the incident, gather any evidence they need, have you enter your not guilty plea in court, and then handle the situation accordingly. They can also advise you on how to eliminate any points already on your driving record so that you can get back onto the road with a clean record.

Remember that paying your traffic ticket doesn’t dismiss anything. Paying the fee, in most cases, is an automatic admission of guilt and the charges will remain on your record. So, while you may think that contesting the ticket is too much work and paying the fine would be easier, be sure to remember that those charges will not disappear and you will be paying for the violation beyond the ticket – through insurance hikes for a significant period to come.

What if This Was My First Offense?

Sometimes you get lucky and the judge on your case is lenient for first offenses. Most times, they will consider the driving record of the offender and send you off with a warning while dismissing the ticket. If this happens to be you, great! But it should remain in your mind that messing up again means you will likely have to suffer the consequences.

Why Do I Want My Traffic Ticket Dismissed?

Contesting the charges of your speeding ticket sounds complicated and more difficult than just paying the fine, why would I want to have it dismissed? The truth is, speeding tickets can be awfully expensive and can have added consequences that impact you for years to come. Also, if you know that your driving may not be the best, the points against you will add up and everything becomes more and more expensive.

These are just a few of the reasons why pursuing a dismissal is well worth any extra time it may take. Lawyer fees are often much less expensive than you may expect, so at least look into it before admitting guilt and paying your fine.

Related Questions

How Much Will It Cost to Fight My Speeding Ticket in Oklahoma?

Depending on the complexity of your case and the attorney you choose to help you, contesting your speeding ticket can cost as little as $150. This number is likely much less than what is on your speeding ticket.

While you are capable of fighting the charges of your speeding ticket on your own, hiring an attorney makes it much less stressful and will give you a better chance of having the charges dismissed. Attorneys who deal with traffic court are extremely familiar with what needs to be said and done and provide you with a stronger defense.

Is It Possible to Clean Up or Improve My Driving Record?

The best way to have and maintain a clean driving record is to simply avoid receiving any citations and follow the rules of the road. However, if something is unavoidable or you already have points against you, the answer is yes – you can clean up your driving record. 

Going the long route is possible, which simply means driving responsibly without receiving any violations for a certain period can lead to points being dismissed from your record. If you want to get rid of the points a little quicker, taking court-approved driving courses can prove to the court, and your insurance company, that you are committed to driving safely.

Most courses are now available online so you can finish one up in a weekend if need be. Once you have completed the course, be sure to save copies of your certificate to give to your insurance company and for your records in the future. As soon as the reports are received, you will begin to see the points drop off your record and your insurance premiums will fall.

How Do Points Work in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma traffic tickets range from 1 to 4 points and stay active on your driving record for 12 months or 3 years. If you go 12 months without receiving another citation, 2 points will be deducted from your driving record. If you do not receive any additional citations for 3 years, your points will be reduced to 0 and you can start over with a clean slate. If you repeatedly receive citations, the added points could lead to a suspension of your license.