20 Annual Staff Party Ideas Your Team Will Love

Planning and hosting an annual staff party can be a daunting task. How do you plan a memorable event that is fun yet fits within your budget? What type of party will ensure that your …

Staff Party

Planning and hosting an annual staff party can be a daunting task. How do you plan a memorable event that is fun yet fits within your budget? What type of party will ensure that your staff will want to attend year after year? We believe that every successful staff party begins with an excellent idea.

Best Annual Staff Party Themes & Ideas

Whether you host a summertime picnic or a huge corporate holiday party, sticking with an underlying theme for the event will help to ensure that the party is cohesive and exciting. Here are some of our favorite ideas for an annual staff party that your team will never forget.

Annual Staff Party Ideas1. Friendly Competition

Everyone enjoys friendly competition with their co-workers! Host a party at a Tulsa arcade with incentives for players who win the most arcade games. Stokely Event Center features many free-to-play arcade games including pinball, skeeball, shuffleboard, and more! 

2. Flashback Staff Party

With so many memorable eras to choose from, a flashback party is always a tremendous success. Choose an event venue with vintage decor, decorate accordingly, and award prizes to the best-dressed employee. Some of the most popular decades to choose from include the 50s, 70s, 90s, or even early 2000s. 

3. Chili Cookoff

Test the culinary expertise of your team with a friendly chili cookoff. Select a venue that allows you to cater your own food and announce categories for the competition. Categories could include best traditional chili, best chicken chili, best vegetarian chili, etc. (As a bonus, since the majority of the meal will be provided by contestants, your food budget will be much lower than normal!)

4. A Tropical Escape

While we all expect the same holiday decor at our annual staff party, take the opportunity to mix things up a bit! Create a tropical escape during an otherwise frigid season. Tropical decor, delicious cocktails, and festive costumes will help create a pleasant escape from reality. 

5. Team Trivia

The most successful staff parties have the perfect mix of activities and time to mingle with friends. For your next staff party, plan a team trivia night. Divide your staff into several teams to challenge the intelligence of the office. This can also be a great opportunity to encourage connections between various departments! For a trivia party, it is important to locate a corporate event venue that gives you access to adequate audio and visual equipment.

6. Food Truck Festival

Food trucks are becoming an increasingly popular way to enjoy a delicious meal. Hire several Tulsa food trucks to attend your annual staff party. Provide each employee with a unique dining experience while supporting small businesses in your area. This can be a great way to cater a trivia night event or night at the arcade.

7. Hidden Talent Night

Although you may think you know your teammates well, there is always someone with a bizarre talent that they keep hidden. Host a staff talent night during your annual staff party complete with voting and prizes. Be sure to find a venue with audio and visual equipment that you can use. You never know what hidden talents will be brought to light! 

8. International Staff Party

Now more than ever, companies have teammates located around the world. Honor your team by hosting an international staff party. Ask your international teammates to contribute a recipe, activity, or decoration for your next event to celebrate the diversity of your team. 

9. Board Game Bonanza 

For this type of staff party, you will need to set up several small stations in which groups can set up the board game of their choosing. Either provide a variety of board games or request that each team member brings their favorite game to add to the evening. Assign random teammates to encourage new friendships. 

10. Time to Learn

Learn a new skill or talent as a team during your annual staff party! Bring in an art teacher, dance instructor, professional yogi, or self-defense coach to share a new skill. Not only can this type of event be exciting but also educational. 

11. An ‘Office’ Staff Party

Who doesn’t love The Office?! It seems as if it is a universally popular show. For your next staff party, go all-in with The Office. Take inspiration from the many epic office parties that occur throughout the show, encourage costumes, and consider a chili cookoff as an homage to one of the greatest moments in the history of the show.

12. Lend a Helping Hand

Sometimes the best staff parties are those that shift your attention outward. Consider the impact your team could make by volunteering in the community for an afternoon. Some common volunteer activities include partnering with Habitat for Humanity, local soup kitchens, non-profit organizations, or building a good playground. After the afternoon of volunteering, plan a delicious meal to thank your team for their hard work and dedication.

13. City-Wide Scavenger Hunt

Although it requires a bit of planning on the front end, a city-wide scavenger hunt can be a fun addition to your annual staff party. Place clues throughout the city, requiring certain tasks to receive the next clue on the hunt. At the end of the scavenger hunt, have the teams meet up at your event venue to crown the champions and celebrate with a meal.

Companies like Scavify can help you organize a successful scavenger hunt, or you can find countless ideas online.  

14. Black Tie Evening Event

Opportunities to truly dress up are few and far between. Plan a luxurious black-tie event for your next staff party. Create a stunning atmosphere with beautiful decor, a scrumptious meal, and even some dancing for a night that your team will never forget. Consider professional photography to capture the special evening.

15. Plan an Office Outing

If you have a small to mid-sized team, consider an office outing! Some ideas of an outing for your next staff part include escape rooms, baseball games, bowling, or visiting the local waterpark. Think about activities that your team would look forward to and consider inviting family members for a fun afternoon event! 

16. A Staff Party Under the Stars

Celebrate your next staff party under the stars with bonfires, s’mores, cozy blankets, and more! Consider renting a portable movie screen and showing a popular film while your team enjoys their evening outdoors. Be sure to have a backup plan in case rain tries to ruin your fun! 

17. Team Spirit Day

Allow your staff to represent their favorite sports team in style! At your next staff party, have each team member dress up in their sports attire, serve game-day favorites, and award your most spirited employee! 

18. Plan an Unexpected Staff Party Celebration

Most companies host their annual staff parties during the holiday season or in the heat of the summer. Mix things up by planning your next party during an unexpected time of the year. Not only will this add some excitement to the event, but it may also allow you to take advantage of event venues during the off-season, saving more money for food and drinks!  

19. Desserts Only

As adults, we have been taught that desserts always follow a meal. But, what if they don’t? At your next staff party, host a dessert only celebration that will leave your team wanting more! Hire an ice cream truck, set up a candy bar, and create an unforgettably sweet experience.

20. Game Show Extravaganza

Recreate a popular game show such as Minute to Win It, The Price is Right, or Jeopardy, with coveted prizes awarded to the winners. A Tulsa event venue with audio and visual equipment is a must for this type of event.

No matter the size of your team, an exciting staff party can be an excellent way to encourage relationships, spoil your staff, and create a positive workplace atmosphere.

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