Keeping Your House Clean With a Husky: Complete Guide

When adding a four-legged friend to your family, cleaning the house can seem like a never-ending task, especially when owning a Husky. It can be a shock to some as to how much the Husky …

Cleaning With a Husky

When adding a four-legged friend to your family, cleaning the house can seem like a never-ending task, especially when owning a Husky. It can be a shock to some as to how much the Husky breed sheds. Luckily there are tips and tricks to help manage a clean home while simultaneously being an awesome Husky owner.

How do I keep a clean home with a Husky?  Fortunately, shedding can be tamed. Brushing your Husky daily can noticeably diminish the amount of shedding around your home. With that, implementing a strict cleaning schedule can transform your home. For example, washing your sheets at least once a week, vacuuming rugs, carpet cleaning, and furniture once a week. Investing in pet-friendly resources such as furniture and appliances can provide ease to your daily cleaning routine.

So, what products are on the market to solve this unique problem? Does my Husky shed all year? Are there options for my busy lifestyle? In this post, all these questions, and more will be answered, providing you with the key information to accomplish having a spotless home while owning a Husky.

10 Steps to Keeping a Tidy Home for Husky Owners

While owning a Husky is incredibly rewarding to both the health of your body and your brain health, it does come with a few challenges, specifically keeping a clean home while owning Huskies. Starting out, some of these steps take work and planning, but they eventually become part of your routine. There are many ways to make the task of keeping your home tidy with Huskies. Discover 10 ways to accomplish that in this post.

1. Keeping their Beds or Crates Clean

Cleaning CompanyJust as you would wash your linens on your own bed, keeping up with your Husky’s belongings is vital to reduce hair fall in unwanted areas of your home. With that, it can reduce the odor that comes with owning animals, thus resulting in a clean-smelling space.

Some steps you could take to conquer this issue is to add white vinegar to what you’re using when deep cleaning their belongings. This eliminates all odors and can kill bacteria that your Husky could potentially be exposed to. Also, keeping their beds and cushions vacuumed regularly will reduce the spread of hair to other parts of your home’s furniture.

2. Taking Care of Your Husky’s Fur

This task can be the most demanding of any of the steps. Especially if you have a busy work schedule or lifestyle. Brushing your Husky for just 10 minutes a day can save a considerable amount of time and effort in the cleaning process of your home in the long run. With that, brushing outside is the best option and reduces the chances of making your home less tidy. Taking care of your Husky’s fur routinely can help tremendously.

Using a de-shedding shampoo and conditioner when bathing your Husky can provide great results during the shedding season. Bathing them regularly will help their coat to shed at a faster pace. Some suggestions for brands of de-shedding shampoo to use would be Furminator, Burt’s Bees, and Nature’s Specialties.

3. Investing in a Powerful Vaccum

Using your resources and investing in quality tools to improve your home’s cleanliness is always a bonus. Having a robotic vacuum that cleans while your away or busy with work can provide relief to your active schedule. A powerful vacuum for example can not only help the look of your furniture but your carpet and hardwood as well. A vacuum that is resistant and powerful for the amount of dog hair that accumulates over the house is also a must.

Husky owners recommend these vacuums for great results:

4. Pet-Friendly Furniture

While you cannot 100% prevent shedding around your home, you can create the illusion that you keep a tightly run ship. If possible, when buying furniture try to look for a material that is easy to clean and Scotchguard protected.

For example, leather couches are always a great go-to because the material is easier to clean and doesn’t attract as much Husky hair. An added life hack is to pick the right color furniture. Additionally, modular racks or easily movable furniture will be easier to keep clean.

You ideally want to choose a color that matches your pet’s coat of fur. This is for those days that you don’t get the chance to clean or tidy up. A color that many Husky owners go with is white. This keeps your home looking pet hair free!

5. Implementing a Cleaning Schedule

Owning a husky can result in having a stricter cleaning schedule if you are wanting to keep your house spick and span. If your Husky shares the bed with you, washing your sheets at least once a week (twice during the shedding season) can greatly improve the cleanliness of your home. Throw blankets used in common areas of the house can attract a ton of Husky hair and should also get washed weekly. Rugs in the living room or kitchen can start to wear down over time if not taken care of properly. Be sure to vacuum the rugs at least once or twice a week depending on the type of rug you own.

Incorporate vacuuming furniture once or twice a week, such as couches and any bedroom furniture into your cleaning schedule as well. On particular rainy seasons, mopping at least twice a week can cut down on the dirt and mud that tracks through the house on your Husky’s paws. This schedule can seem tolling and hard to begin with, but just dedicating one to two days a week to your daily routine to do these tasks can have your home looking spotless. Many husky owners find great value in hiring a cleaning company to perform a deep clean regularly.

6. Changing Your Air Filter Monthly

Husky’s hair has what’s known as dander. This dander along with dust that is picked up by your pet’s fur can build up in your HVAC air filter. Normally air filters are changed every 60 to 90 days. When owning a pet that sheds, changing your air filter more regularly can show major improvements in your home’s air quality. Too much build-up in your home’s air filter can lead to larger, more serious issues. Thus, resulting in more costs and damages toward your home.

7. Get an Air Purifier

To avoid the issues with your air filters listed above, an impressive resource is an air purifier. This a great and inexpensive way to clean the air in your home. Placing the air purifier in the area that you spend the most time with your Husky is the best option and has the most effective results.

8. Reducing Husky Hair on Clothing

By reducing your Husky’s hair on your clothing, there will be less spread of it to other parts of your home and furniture. To tackle this issue a simple tool to use is a tape roller or lint roller. A bonus is to keep these in different parts of your home at all times. Looping a ribbon through the handle and tying it to the inside of closets or around doorknobs of rooms. Using the tape roller before entering your bedroom can decrease the amount of spread around the house and help with your cleaning routine.

9. Keeping Paws Clean

Huskies are a larger breed of dogs and therefore have larger paws. With that, there are greater chances of your furry friend tracking in unwanted dirt and mud through the home. Keeping a towel and a shallow container filled with a small amount of room-temperature water and soap by your front or back door can be very useful. Before your pet reenters your home, dip each of the Husky’s paws into the water and dry them off. This is especially helpful during winter when sidewalks and roads are covered with ice-melting agents.

10. Protecting Your Home from Husky Scratches

In addition to keeping their paws clean, you want to keep your Husky’s nails trimmed regularly. This reduces the chances of them scratching furniture doors, or floors, which can cause your home to look unsightly. Many pet stores and veterinary offices offer professionals to clip your Husky’s nails if you do not feel comfortable. You can also train your pet to not scratch on furniture and doors when they are ready to go out/come in.

Providing an alternate way for them to signal you when they are ready to enter back into your home. For example, a bell hung from the doorknob that they can simply hit with their nose. Implementing new behaviors avoids your Husky from damaging things around your home.

Keeping your home clean while balancing work, friends, and family can be difficult. But, simply investing time once to twice a week can drastically transform your home and leave you with a space you are happy to come home to. Also, investing in products and resources that can provide ease to your on the go schedule. Start working towards a spotless home with your Husky today!

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