Who Is Cool Blue Capital? The Answer May Surprise You

What You Need to Know About Cool Blue Capital Each passing year seems to present us with greater opportunities for increasing our financial status through various forms of investing. Whether you are highly intrigued by …

Who is Cool Blue Capital

What You Need to Know About Cool Blue Capital

Each passing year seems to present us with greater opportunities for increasing our financial status through various forms of investing. Whether you are highly intrigued by the nuts and bolts of investing or simply looking for a way to generate passive income, there is an investing strategy for you! One of the best ways to have great success in your investing endeavors is to partner with a professional investment firm such as Cool Blue Capital. 

So, who is Cool Blue Capital? Cool Blue Capital is a professional investment firm located in Jenks, OK. This team of investment gurus works to identify lucrative investment opportunities including up-and-coming business ventures. Through their connections in the business world, they have created valuable relationships which have led to countless successful investments.

The team at Cool Blue Capital is passionate about identifying investment opportunities that meet the goals and objectives of their partners. They strive to mitigate much of the risk common to investing while providing great potential for return.

In this post, we will discuss the history of Cool Blue Capital as well as some of its successful investment stories. We will also share about the various types of investments that they participate in regularly. We hope that this information will provide you with the confidence you need to pursue a type of investing that suits your needs and priorities.

The History of Cool Blue Capital

Cool Blue Capital was founded in 2019 by co-founders Brent Orr and Ryan Shay. After making a small initial investment in a small biotechnology company, the team began brainstorming ways to share their success with others. This desire to create value in the world of investment led to the foundation of Cool Blue Capital. 

Over the past several years, Cool Blue Capital’s collective holdings have reached a market value greater than two hundred million dollars! Cool Blue Capital partners with a group of attorneys at Johnson & Jones to better reach their goals.

Along with their partners, Cool Blue Capital continues to invest in a variety of opportunities including preferred stock investments, common stock investments, stock warrants, stock options, convertible notes, and private equity positions, as well as other forms of investing. 

Cool Blue Capital’s Services

As a professional investment firm, Cool Blue Capital serves its partners by identifying potential investment opportunities. The Cool Blue Capital team is constantly searching for opportunities, passing on only the most lucrative investment opportunities to their partners. Their primary goal is to identify unique opportunities that provide a great potential return with a minimal amount of risk. This approach to investing has proven to have great success over the years.

Cool Blue Capital understands that each of its investing partners has unique goals. Through their numerous business connections, they identify opportunities that align with their partner’s portfolios.

Types of Investments 

Cool Blue CapitalIf you are new to the world of investing, you are likely unfamiliar with the many types of investments that exist. There are endless opportunities for individuals looking to invest in a variety of business ventures from startups to established chiropractic practices and everything in between. Cool Blue Capital participates in a variety of investment types which we will discuss in greater detail below. 

It is important to note that investing is a complex topic. The explanations provided below will simply offer you an overview of the various ways in which you could invest. If you are entering the world of investing for the first time, it is important to work with a professional investment firm such as Cool Blue Capital. 

Preferred Stock Investments

Preferred stock investments are an investment in a share of a company that includes additional protections for the shareholders. Essentially, investors who hold preferred stock in a company will be paid before the common shareholders. 

Typically, preferred stock also pays fixed dividends to the stockholder regularly. Because of this, most investment professionals consider preferred stock investments to have less risk than common stocks. 

Common Stock Investments

When you think of investing, common stock investments are likely what first comes to mind. Common stock investments are an investment in a share of a company. Unlike preferred stock investments, common stocks afford investors voting rights or say in the company. 

Unlike preferred stock, however, common stock shareholders do not receive priority dividend payments. For this reason, investment professionals often consider common stock investments to be slightly riskier than preferred stock investments.

You can learn more about preferred stocks vs. common stocks here.

Stock Warrants

Stock warrants essentially provide the investor with the opportunity to purchase stock in the company at a specific price on a specific date. Unlike stock options, stock warrants are an agreement between an individual (the investor) and the company. 

Stock Options

Often confused with stock warrants, stock options are agreements between two people, the investor, and a stock trader. Stock options are far less flexible than stock warrants. There are, however, benefits in certain situations. 

Convertible Notes

Convertible notes are often used by startup companies who are looking to raise initial funds from investors. Essentially, a convertible note is a type of debt security that will eventually transfer to shares in the company. In most cases, the amount that the company owes the investor continues to increase over time until it is paid. 

Other Forms of Investment

There are, of course, countless other forms of investments including private equity positions, bonds, mutual funds, and more. It is important to work closely with a professional investment firm such as Cool Blue Capital. Especially when you are starting on your investment path, you must invest wisely. Unfortunately, far too many individuals invest without full knowledge of the situation. This can increase the risk of investing and end in financial demise. 

Cool Blue Capital Investment Success Stories

Since its foundation in 2019, Cool Blue Capital has had countless investment success stories in a variety of industries. 

CytoDyn Investment Success Story

Cool Blue Capital is constantly looking for investment opportunities that are both unique and lucrative. Recently, they had the opportunity of investing in CytoDyn (CYDY), a small, U.S.-based, biotech company working in the realm of therapeutic treatments.

As of the time of this post, Cool Blue Capital has had the privilege of completing four successful rounds of investment with CytoDyn (CYDY), playing a small role in the advancement of medicine around the world.

Why Should You Consider Investing With Cool Blue Capital?

So, why should you consider investing with a professional investment company like Cool Blue Capital? Simply put, they have the experience and expertise necessary to maximize your investments. Far too often, individuals are led astray by various investments that seem to promise a great return.

At Cool Blue Capital, the team conducts extensive research to identify investment opportunities that will be truly beneficial to their partners. Through their work, they can minimize much of the risk associated with investing while providing a great return. 

This successful strategy has contributed to the success of both Cool Blue Capital as well as their many partners. In a world that seems to be teeming with investment opportunities and strategies, it is important to partner with a reliable company that you can trust! 

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