Do Chiropractors Adjust Hips? What You Need to Know

When dealing with pain or discomfort in any part of your body, it can be a challenging feat to find relief. I was curious to see what a chiropractor could help with. So, I did …

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When dealing with pain or discomfort in any part of your body, it can be a challenging feat to find relief. I was curious to see what a chiropractor could help with. So, I did some digging to see if a chiropractor could adjust hips, and here is what I found.

So, do chiropractors adjust hips? Chiropractic practices can be very effective in the gradual adjustment of the hips. Manual manipulation of the hips as well as other areas of the body that directly affect the hip region are all in a Chiropractor’s wheelhouse and are a great alternative to more invasive procedures.

As hip problems and their causes differ from individual to individual, the route a chiropractor or even a physician may take to address the issue may vary as well. It is important for you and your chiropractor to gather a good understanding of what your hip problems are a result of before pursuing any specific type of treatment. Hip problems often come as a result of overuse, misuse, osteoarthritis, and fractures, but there are a variety of reasons one may seek medical help for hip pain.

What You Need to Know About Chiropractic Hip Adjustment

A chiropractic practice revolves around physically manipulating the body to promote healthy bodily functions. This can look like physically moving the body, applying heat or ice, electrically stimulating, or a variety of other methods. People often seek the help of a chiropractor due to the price and risk-factor when compared to surgical options.

Oftentimes, chiropractors can help with pain associated with body misalignment. Because the body is one cohesive unit, these corrections can sometimes help with problems throughout the body, even in areas not directly connected to the root of the problem.

When it comes to problems related to the hip area, it is incredibly important that an experienced chiropractor carefully addresses the issue. There are a variety of home remedies for hip adjustment, but these can be dangerous and even worsen the issue. A trained Tulsa chiropractor is not only familiar with the treatment options, but also the risk and dangers involved with improper adjustment.

Reasons for Chiropractic Hip Adjustment

Adjustment of the hips may be necessary for you if you experience pain from overuse. This overuse is often a direct result of sports or physically demanding jobs, but these are not the only causes. When your hips do become misaligned, the pain can show itself in a variety of places throughout the body, not just in the hip region.

Pain in the lower back, pelvis, and the lower legs can all be attributed to problems with the alignment of the hips. Because of this, a chiropractic adjustment can be just what the doctor ordered to get your body set straight and back on the right path. Though some patients may need to take more drastic medical measures to correct problems with the hip and spine, chiropractic approaches can be very effective and should almost always be the first step.

What Do Chiropractors Do

Chiropractic Hip AdjustmentA chiropractor’s work is centered on gradually correcting and manipulating the body so that it can more effectively heal itself. While you may associate chiropractors with back and neck pain, anything from tension headaches and whiplash to hip and leg pain can be addressed using a chiropractic approach, and the results can be shocking. A chiropractor’s goal is to get your body to the healthiest state it can reach. This may mean changing your diet, honing your nutrition, and even adjusting your body.

A chiropractor is extensively trained to be able to get your body to a healthier state where it is able to heal and take care of itself. The body and its organs are incredibly powerful, complex things that are capable of amazing feats. However, when stress from overuse, misuse, malnourishment, and many other factors comes into play, it can keep the body from performing at the level it is meant to perform, which can lead to pain and health issues. This is where a chiropractor comes in.

Chiropractors will be able to more effectively listen to what your body is trying to tell you and make adjustments based on that. Their training helps them to pinpoint the root of the issue and help you make changes to eradicate the problem. This can look like changing your diet, adjusting your body, manipulating your body with heat or ice, or providing electric stimulation therapy in their chiropractic practice.

What Makes Chiropractic Adjustments Helpful

Chiropractic adjustments can help correct pain and discomfort caused by bad posture, car accidents, or overuse and misuse of certain body parts. These gradual adjustments can be helpful in promoting a healthier overall lifestyle and even aid in your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Because certain modern jobs and activities can wreak havoc on joints, muscles, and bones, chiropractic work is more popular and common than ever before. Pain and misalignment caused by poor posture from a variety of occupations such as desk jobs, professional drivers, and manual labor can typically be addressed and corrected using a chiropractic adjustment.

Choosing Chiropractic Adjustments Over Surgery

It may seem obvious, but the risk associated with surgery far outweighs the risk of chiropractic work. On the surface, this is clearly a result of the invasiveness of surgery that just is not the case with chiropractic work. But on a deeper level than that, one thing that makes chiropractic services so much safer is the gradual nature of the approach.

For instance, when considering a hip adjustment, a trained chiropractor is able to converse and try different movements and approaches over a longer period of time, which heightens the odds of success and lowers the risk. While this mention of a “long-term approach” may translate to more money spent by the patient, the cost of chiropractic services still comes in far lower than the cost of surgery.

Related Questions

Does health insurance cover the cost of a chiropractor? Like most medical-related practices, chiropractic visits are not necessarily cheap. However, when compared to more invasive procedures, chiropractic adjustments and other services are considerably more affordable. Oftentimes, health insurance will cover some of the costs of chiropractic work. In addition to this, many practices offer free consultations to help with the transition to their services. Some insurance policies even cover professional massage!

Is a chiropractor a doctor? Because chiropractors do not have medical degrees, they are not technically medical doctors. However, chiropractors do undergo many of the same courses as doctors as well as a variety of extensive training and education. Four years of chiropractic education post-graduation is necessary, plus hands-on training and residencies. Passing an exam is necessary to obtain a license to practice.

What is the difference between a chiropractor and a physical therapist? The biggest difference between a physiotherapist versus a chiropractor is the area of focus. A chiropractor tends to focus on the overall function and well-being of the body, whereas a physical therapist focuses directly on promoting healthy joint function. This healthy joint function is reached and obtained through a variety of means, but mainly through exercises and movements. Oftentimes, a physical therapist’s goal is to develop and system of movements and exercises that the patient can repeat at home. A chiropractor, while still delving into movements and manipulations of the body, will also focus on nutrition and other aspects of health to treat a wider range of issues.

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