How Do I Start a Float Therapy Business? Complete Guide

How To Start A Float Therapy Business Float therapy is constantly being discovered by new floaters as a new and innovative form of therapy, which is why more and more float centers are starting to …

Opening a Float Therapy Business

How To Start A Float Therapy Business

Float therapy is constantly being discovered by new floaters as a new and innovative form of therapy, which is why more and more float centers are starting to pop up all over the country. However, there is a lot more involved with starting a brand new float therapy business than simply deciding to register it with the state. In the middle of all the excitement of a new business venture, things can end up slipping through the cracks if every detail isn’t thought through carefully and intentionally.

So, how do you start a float therapy business? There are a few basic steps you must follow including:

  1. Figure Out The Best Location For Your Float Therapy Business 
  2. Create A Brand For Your Float Therapy Business 
  3. Decide What Kind Of Products & Services Your Float Therapy Business Will Offer 
  4. Research Marketing & Communication Strategies For Your Float Therapy Business 
  5. Contact Local Health Departments Before Your Float Therapy Business Opens 
  6. Create A Solid Business Plan For Your Float Therapy Business 

Without a whole lot of information available on this topic, and with the idea of starting a new business being so daunting, here is a  complete guide to help you get started.

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Figure Out The Best Location

One of the first things you should do when starting your very first Float Therapy Business is to think about where the location of your center will be. This is a great first step because it allows you to figure out what kind of recurring costs you will be starting with.

Information like this is extremely valuable for estimating budgets and plugging the numbers into your business plan.

Another reason for finding a great location for your float therapy business is that it gives you insight into what kind of marketing tactics will be most effective for the area.

Taking note of neighboring businesses, the community around your business, and even what the foot traffic is like will help you conceptualize the best tactics for making your business as effective as possible.

Every city and every community will have its unique feel and vibe, so it’s so important to do the work ahead of time to make sure you are attracting as many customers as you can and you are running a business that you can be proud of.

Create A Brand For Your Float Therapy Business 

If you are even thinking about starting a new business, you’ve most likely already taken the time to think of what you are going to name it. If that’s you, well done! It’s time to take it a step further though and begin rounding out your brand in a few more areas.

You have hopefully already had some time to follow step one and figure out a location. It’s a good idea to now start working on the image of what your center will look like and what the aesthetics will be.

It’s also a great time to create websites, social media usernames, and accounts, design a logo using your new business name and pick the fonts that will define your brand. Be sure and take a good amount of time to research branding a new business, because there is a lot more information you can learn that we don’t have time to cover in today’s guide.

Decide What Kind Of Products & Services You Will Offer 

It’s important as a business to know what products or services you will be offering to customers in the beginning stages of the process. This helps you have clear messaging across the board, and will also give you clear goals when it comes to purchasing new equipment or even hiring personnel.

As a float therapy business, you most definitely want to do your fair share of research on the float tanks themselves, because they are a very expensive investment. You will want to compare the costs, check on different brands of tanks, and read through customer reviews of them. It’s even a good idea to contact other float centers that have used a certain brand of float tank so that you can ask them questions about cost and maintenance repairs.

Once you have gathered all of this information, you will be ready to make big purchases that will set your new business up for a win, and give customers the best float therapy center that they have been looking for.

Research Marketing & Communication Strategies

Knowing how to market yourself and your business is an invaluable skill to have. That’s why another great step for any new business owner is to spend a lot of time researching different communications and marketing strategies.

No matter what stage of the process you are in at this point, the very best way to research marketing is to do it on your own. Taking the time to look through public sources, crunch numbers, interview potential customers and even stalk some of the competition in the surrounding area are all great ways to get started.

Use the tools you have at your disposal electronically to get ahead of the market and dig deep into what’s already happening around you. The information and insight that you gain will help your business propel forward if you have done your due diligence.

Contact Local Health Departments Before Your Float Therapy Business Opens 

When starting any type of health practice or business, the health department must believe your plans and trust that you are a legitimate practice. If for some reason they decide that this is not the case, they have the power to shut you down if you are already up and running, or they can prevent you from opening a new practice.

To avoid any hiccups, it’s a good idea to do a lot of research on the County and state regulations for pools so that you know how to navigate any conversations that come up.

Because float therapy is gaining momentum in awareness and popularity, Health Department Officials are opening up more to it and being more friendly than they have been in the past years. Making a good impression will also go a long way in any capacity, so keeping manners in check is a must.

Create A Solid Business Plan

For any new business owner, there will be a season of depending on another investor or bank to help get things started in the beginning. Because this is the case, you must have a well-written business plan to present when the time comes. A business plan will introduce your business concept and will show investors that you are serious about this endeavor.

After you have pitched the overarching business idea, profit and cost projections must show positive results so that funding can be secured. With floatation therapy being a pretty new field in some areas, it’s important to lay out financial reasoning and planning to make sure the start of your business is successful.

A business plan will also serve as an instruction manual and guidebook for making crucial steps in your business’s timeline. Instead of guessing every step of the way, avoid unwanted surprises and do all of the hard work ahead of time.

Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Float Therapy Business 

While there are many proactive tips for starting a new business, it’s important to understand the things to avoid when starting a float therapy business as well. Avoid these two fundamental mistakes as you start your business:

Avoid Starting a Float Therapy Business On Your Own

Starting a business is a huge life step and one that you shouldn’t attempt to do all by yourself. While taking control is instinctive with handling your own business, it just isn’t sustainable long term.

When you have a reliable partner by your side, you don’t have to shoulder all of the weight yourself. This also frees you up to focus intently on one side of the business, while the other person handles the other. The result is that every part of your float therapy business gets the attention that it needs so that you can continue to grow and move forward successfully.

Avoid Ignoring the Opinions Of Your Customers

As hard as it may be, business owners need to respect their customers not just as buyers, but as friends. They are most certainly paying money into your business, but their money is not what defines your friendship.

Friendship is defined by their commitment to you and the product you are offering. Learning how to listen to the customer not just as a consumer but as a valuable insight into the quality and relevance of your product is a gift for any business owner needs to start being aware of.

There will be many ups and downs when starting a business, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey! We hope you found this guide helpful as you begin taking the first steps towards owning your own float therapy business.