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23 Minutes in Hell
23 Minutes in Hell


Popular Books About Hell that You’ve Never Heard Of

23 Minutes in HellWhat happens in the afterlife remains a mystery to many of us. It is not the most cheerful of topics to discuss. However, it is one that is necessary to think about, especially to those of the Christian faith. There are many valuable resources that share insight into the afterlife. But how do you determine which of these resources is reliable? In this article, we will share several popular books about hell which all come from reputable sources.

23 Minutes in Hell

23 Minutes in Hell was written by Soul Choice Ministries founder, Bill Wiese. After experiencing something that can only be described as life-changing, Bill knew he needed to share his story with the world. In this book, Bill shares his incredible story as well as Scripture verses that cover the topic of hell. He also uses this book to answer many of the most commonly asked questions regarding both hell and the afterlife.

The Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters, written by C.S. Lewis, has been regarded as a classic Christian novel since it’s publication in 1942. Although this book is fictional, it addresses things such as the afterlife, sin, and the temptations that Christians face. As you can guess from the name, this book is written in the form of letters from one demon to his nephew. The Screwtape Letters gives us a fictional insight into hell through the eyes of the demon Screwtape. This book is by far one of the most popular books about hell which reaches across generations.

Hell: Separate Truth from Fiction

After writing 23 Minutes in Hell, Bill Wiese realized that there was a need for further information to be shared. In his second book, Hell: Separate Truth from Fiction, Bill shares stories that are similar to his from people around the world. He also answers some of the toughest questions about hell using extensive Biblical research.

The Great Divorce

Another classic written by C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce, is based on a dream that he was given regarding heaven and hell. This novel follows the story of the main character who is attempting to find his way out of a “grey town” which he eventually discovers to be hell. This story was first printed in a newspaper but was so impactful that it was eventually printed in book form in 1945. It has remained a classic over the years and is highly respected as one of the most popular books about hell.

There are many other books about hell written by respected authors. These books deal with the subject of hell in both novel and theological forms. When dealing with a subject like the afterlife, it is often helpful to get varying perspectives on a sometimes tricky topic. Having knowledge of life after death can impact the way we choose to live out our days on this earth.

Soul Choice Ministries, which is lead by founder Bill Wiese, hopes to share valuable insight into the afterlife. They share their message primarily through a story of an incredible encounter that Bill Wiese had several years ago, along with similar stories from people around the world. By sharing information about hell, they hope to encourage believers in the Christian faith to share their faith with greater fervor. Some of the most popular books about hell have come from Soul Choice Ministries.

You can purchase 23 Minutes in Hell, as well as other books by Soul Choice Ministries, by clicking this link.

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