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What To Expect With a Hospice Service When a Loved One Is Dying

What Hospice Care Can Offer Your Loved One

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. If you are facing the death of a loved one and don’t know what to expect from hospice services, you’re not alone. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of hospice care and what you can expect from the hospice team. We will also answer some common questions that people have about hospice care. While hospice care is an optional service for families, many wonder if it’s the right choice for them.

So, what can you expect with hospice service when a loved one is dying? Hospice care is a type of palliative care that is offered to people who are expected to live for six months or less. The goal of hospice care is to provide comfort and support to the person who is dying, as well as their loved ones.

The hospice team will work with you and your loved one to create a plan of care that focuses on comfort and quality of life. The team will also provide emotional and spiritual support to you, your family, and your caregivers. Hospice services are typically provided in the home or at a hospice facility where the patient resides.

There are a lot of specifics we need to get into so let’s break it down and answer all of your questions!

How Hospice Care Is Set-Up

The first step is for your loved one’s doctor to certify that he or she has a life expectancy of six months or less. Once this is done, the hospice team will be notified and they will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

The hospice team will come to your home and assess your loved one’s needs. They will work with you to create a plan of care that meets your needs and the needs of your loved one. The hospice care plan is tailored to the individual, so it can change as the person’s needs change.

The goal of hospice care is to provide comfort and support to both the patient and their loved ones. After everything is assessed and decided, the hospice team will start providing care.

What Hospice Care Provides For Your Loved One

The hospice team will work with you to create a comfortable environment for you and your loved one in their final days. Their goal is to make the end of their life as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

Some of the services they will provide or assist your loved one with can include any or all of the following:

  • Bathing and grooming assistance
  • Assistance with eating and drinking
  • Changing bedding and clothing
  • Providing emotional and spiritual support
  • Medication and pain management
  • Blood transfusions and other treatments as needed


Depending on what your loved one needs, there is more not listed here that your hospice team may be able to offer as well.

What Hospice Care Provides For You

The hospice team will also provide support to you and your family during this difficult time. This can include any or all of the following:

  • Make sure all medical equipment is available and/or purchased for you
  • Helping with arrangements for funerals or memorial services
  • Providing bereavement counseling for the family members of the person who has died
  • Helping with financial and legal matters
  • Providing information and support groups


The hospice team is available to you 24/7 and they will work with you to make sure all of your needs are met. They want to provide as much comfort and support as possible during this difficult time.

The People Of Hospice

You are likely also wondering who works in hospice care. The hospice team typically consists of a social worker, hospice nurse, home health aide, chaplain, and doctor. In addition to these members, the hospice team can also include volunteers who provide support in various ways.

The hospice team will work with you to make sure all your needs and the needs of your loved ones are met. All hospice workers have extensive training in palliative care and are passionate about their job.

The Atmosphere Of Hospice Service

Of course, a common concern when it comes to hospice service is if it’s intrusive. You may be picturing a handful of people in your home at all times, which can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. However, hospice service is not like this at all!

The hospice team will come to your home regularly as needed but they won’t hover around you or your loved one all the time. They are available 24/7 if there is an emergency but typically their visits are spaced out. This is to provide you with the comfort and support you need without feeling overwhelmed.

Remember that at this point, the goal is not to cure your loved one. The goal is to keep him or her as comfortable and pain-free as possible while providing you with the support you need during this difficult time.

So there will not be a bunch of loud machines and bustling people all the time. The hospice team will make sure the environment is comfortable and peaceful for everyone.

Choosing The Right Hospice Provider

When it comes time to choose the right hospice provider, you will have some options. There are many different providers out there so it is important to do your research and find one that fits with what you need.

  • The first step in choosing a hospice provider is talking to your loved one’s doctor. He or she may be able to provide recommendations based on your situation. You can also ask your loved one’s doctor what hospice services are covered under their insurance.
  • If you want to take the initiative and find a provider on your own, there are many resources online that provide ratings of different providers as well as other information about them. It is important to find a provider with good reviews who offers the services you need.
  • The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the hospice provider you choose. They will be providing intimate and personal care to your loved one so you must trust them and feel like they are a good fit for your family.

Hospice Is A Great Option

Now that we have covered everything you can expect from hospice care, it’s time to decide if it is right for you and your loved one. Hospice care provides a wide range of services to both patients and their loved ones. If you aren’t sure it’s the best route for you, reference the list below.

If you can relate to most of these things then chances are hospice care would be a great option for your family.

  • Your loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and they have less than six months to live.
  • You are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by taking care of your loved one at home but you want them to be comfortable in their final days.
  • You would like assistance from others who can help provide comfort and support for both you and your loved one.
  • Your loved one is experiencing a great deal of pain and discomfort and you are struggling to manage it on your own.
  • You would like someone to help with funeral arrangements and provide bereavement counseling after your loved one dies.


Hospice care can provide all of these things and more for you and your family during this difficult time. If you have any questions about hospice service, be sure to contact the team today so they can help answer all your questions and concerns.

What Happens When My Loved One Dies?

Once your loved one dies, the hospice team will help make arrangements for the funeral or memorial service. They will help you contact the hospital or other healthcare facility for the peaceful moving of your loved one.

The hospice team will also provide bereavement counseling and support groups for family members of the person who has died. They will be available to answer any questions you have about funeral planning and financial matters related to your loved one’s death.

Remember that grief is a natural process after someone you love dies but it does not have to be done alone. The hospice team will be there to support you and help you get through the grieving process. They can connect you with local resources that are beneficial for this time in your life as well.

What Isn’t Done In Hospice Care?

While hospice care does help with a lot of things, there are a few services they do not do. A few of those include:

  • Curative treatment for the condition causing death
  • Care or treatments that are deemed medically unnecessary by a doctor
  • Prescription drugs used to treat any other diseases not related to their terminal illness

How Long Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is available for as long as the person needs it. They will be able to continue receiving hospice services until their death and even after that with bereavement counseling.

Is Hospice Care Covered By Insurance?

Many people wonder if hospice care is covered by insurance. The answer is yes, most likely. However, it is important to check with your specific insurance company to be sure. The coverage will vary on the state you live in and the kind of insurance you have.

If hospice care is not covered by your insurance or you don’t have health insurance, you can see if a payment plan is available to you.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering hospice care for a loved one, be sure to reference this guide. It covers everything you can expect from the hospice team and what will happen after your loved one dies. Remember that you are not alone in this process and the hospice team is here to support you every step of the way.

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