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Will Insurance Cover a Blown Head Gasket
Will Insurance Cover a Blown Head Gasket


Will Insurance Cover a Blown Head Gasket

Will Insurance Cover a Blown Head Gasket

The unfortunate part about vehicles, is that at some point, something is going to go wrong. Whether it is a mechanical issue, electrical or body issue. If you have suffered a mechanical issue, like a blown head gasket, there are some issuance things you need to know. Specifically, will insurance cover a blown head gasket. And there are two opposite answers.

Yes, insurance will cover a blown head gasket if the mechanical failure was caused by vandalism, flooding or other outside forces. However, insurance will not cover a blown head gasket if the mechanical failure was caused by simple wear and tear, or due to lack of maintenance.

Will Insurance Cover a Blown Head Gasket

If you are on the side of outside forces, then you are in luck! Comprehensive coverage will pay to repair the costs of your engine. However, the insurance agent will also have to take into account the total value of your vehicle before proceeding to pay the repair costs.

If the repair cost totals a greater value than your vehicle’s total value, the insurance agent will not pay for the repair costs, and will label your vehicle as “Totaled.” This can happen quite frequently, as the engine is one of the biggest factors in deciding how much it will take to repair a vehicle following some sort of outside force.

If you are on the side of the mechanical failure that was caused by simple wear and tear, or lack of maintenance, I am sorry to say, but the repairs will be entirely on you. Insurance is not designed to pay for damaged that were caused by simple wear and tear, or to help you after you failed to maintain your vehicle properly.

As an example, insurance agents will conduct an investigation into why your vehicle received damages. And if those damages were items like mechanical failure do to low oil or worn-down belts, they will find you at fault. And as we mentioned above, insurance will only cover a blown head gasket if it was caused by an outside force. But since you failed to apply needed maintenance to your vehicle, that caused the mechanical failure, the agents have zero responsibility for paying the repair costs.

However, there are some insurance policies that you can add to your insurance coverage that could help you in the case that wear and tear, or lack of maintenance, caused your mechanical failure

Insurance Coverage for a Blown Head Gasket

As we mentioned above, insurance only covers mechanical failures that were caused by outside forces. If the mechanical failure was due to lack of maintenance, or wear and tear, you are simple out of luck. Or, that is how it used to be. There are some insurance providers that offer what is known as “Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI).”

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) is designed to cover the costs of needed repairs to your vehicle that arose from mechanical failures, and covers a variety of mechanical components. The main components are brakes, transmission and the engine. That means, that if you have a blown head gasket, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) will cover the costs to repair your vehicle.

Many of the top tier insurance companies now offer Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), and adding it to your current, or new, insurance coverage will not only save you but can add years to your vehicles warranty.

But as a quick tip, it is recommended that you take into account the total value of your car, before purchasing Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI). If you do not take this into account, you could end up paying a much higher deductible than what your car is actually worth.

Another option for you, is to purchase an extended warranty from the dealer at which you purchased your vehicle. This extended warranty can cover your mechanical components, like your head gasket, up to one hundred thousand miles. Of course, you would have had to purchase your vehicle from a dealer. Buying from the previous owner does not provide any warranty, and your only option will be the Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI).

How Not to Have a Blown Head GasketWill Insurance Cover a Blown Head Gasket

If you are worried about your head gasket blowing, there are some steps that you can apply to prevent your head gasket from blowing. The best way to do so, is to maintain your vehicle cooling system. It is recommended that you should flush your coolant approximately every two years, or 30 thousand miles traveled.

The coolant protecting level of your cooling system needs to be kept at negative 34 degrees Fahrenheit, with the PH balance of the coolant being at nine point five on the ph scale. If the coolant’s ph drops too low, the coolant becomes acidic, and can eat away at your vehicle’s gaskets, rubber, lead, solder joints, aluminum and even steel.

Lastly, it is very important to fix any issues with your coolant system as soon as possible. These issues could be leaks, restriction or malfunctions. Having your coolant system working optimally will ensure that your vehicle does not overheat. An overheated vehicle can cause a blown head gasket, and the need for repairs.

Summing Up Blown Head Gasket Insurance

If you do not take care of your vehicle as you are supposed to, you will need to buy Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI). You can purchase this by talking with an insurance agent, and add it to your current, or new, vehicle insurance policy.

If your vehicle’s head gasket was blown due to an outside force, such as vandalism, natural disasters or other outside forces, your typical comprehensive coverage will pay for the needed repairs. But, as all ways, the total cost or value of your vehicle will be taken into account when an insurance agent reviews your request for the repair costs. If the repair cost totals are higher than the total value of your vehicle, they will just label your vehicle as “totaled.”

If you have any further questions as to what is and what is not covered by your vehicle insurance, such as “Will Insurance Cover a Blown Head Gasket”, you can always contact your insurance agent for more information. or, you can also check our website out for more informative articles!


This article was sponsored by Chris Lile, State Farm Agent in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Chris Lile specializes in auto, home, business, property, life and health insurance. You can visit Chris Lile’s website here to learn more.

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