10 People Who Claim To Have Seen Angels

People Who’ve Seen Angels There’s a common phenomenon that’s happened around the globe. There have been numerous reports globally of people who’ve had encounters with mysterious beings. They appear out of nowhere, bringing important messages …

Stories of Angels

People Who’ve Seen Angels

There’s a common phenomenon that’s happened around the globe. There have been numerous reports globally of people who’ve had encounters with mysterious beings. They appear out of nowhere, bringing important messages or give life-saving assistance before disappearing without a trace. There’s a lot of debate as to who these people are. Could they be angels? What about guardian angels? Some interactions can only be explained by the supernatural – especially when needed most.

From people who experience near-death experiences to those who receive warnings from another person, it’s likely that at some point in life, you’ll interact with an angel unknowingly. But what about the true stories from those around the world? Luckily, we live in a digital age and can easily share the encounters people have with angels. This article will cover ten people who’ve claimed to have seen angels.

10. Healing from Cancer

In 1998, Luke was eight years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. He had a nasty infection and was admitted to the hospital for about two weeks. One day, while sitting at his bedside, his mother was praying, and a nurse in an old-fashioned nurse uniform from the 1960s came to check Luke’s temperature.

The nurse noticed the Bible on the bedside beside his mother, mentioned her faith, and said she’d also pray for Luke. No one had seen the nurse before, and they never reencountered her during Luke’s stay at the hospital. By the time Luke left the hospital, he was entirely free of infection and is cancer-free today.

9. Much-Needed Money

There are countless stories of people receiving money when in dire need of it, sometimes from unknown sources. One summer afternoon in 1994 in Melbourne, Australia, Elle was gathering laundry from a clothesline when there was a sudden wind funnel of dust and leaves. Within the dust funnel was a $10 bill. A few days later, she spotted a total of $45 in her garden. Elle is convinced this  money was “angel money.”

8. Safe Passage

Deb, a single mother of two in San Bernardino County, California, would often leave her children at her parents’ house during the day for her parents to watch her kids. One night, after picking up her kids, her car ran out of gas. She wasn’t sure what to do while her kids slept soundly in her car. Because of where she’d stopped on a ramp, the nearest place was miles away.

While trying to figure out what to do, she leaned over her steering wheel and said a quick, panicked prayer. Before she could even finish her prayer, she heard tapping on her window. A young, clean-cut man offered to push her car over the hill to reach a gas station. As soon as the stranger appeared, he vanished.

7. Visions of Accidents

Hfen got a call early one morning from her sister, who was crying. She’s had a vision where Hfen was in a terrible car accident. They prayed together and called their mother to also pray with them. Hfen took a different route to work and made it to the hospital where she worked.

While working her shift, a patient in a wheelchair called her over and told her that God had told him that she would be in a car accident with someone who wouldn’t be paying attention. The stranger prayed for her as well. Later that day, she cautiously drove home. When she arrived, she called her mother and sister to tell them she was okay.

6. Plane Papers Save a Relationship

Angels in Real LifeNot only do stories of angels result in lives being saved, but their intervening can cause relationships to be saved. That was the case for Smigenk and her husband. She and her husband were trying to work through their marital problems and had planned a romantic trip to Bermuda, but things did not go exactly as planned.

Due to weather delaying their first flight, they arrived right as the gate closed for the next flight. Right then, her husband said, “That’s it. I’m not putting up with this anymore.”

Smigenk knew he meant he was referring to their marriage. At the exact moment, the flight attendant spotted a packet of papers that the pilot needed to land in another country.

This packet was not there when they first walked up to the counter and miraculously appeared. The pilot was called back to the gate, and Smigenk and her husband were allowed to board. They spent their time working on their relationship, and ultimately, it was saved.

5. Escape from a Burning Car

Pastor John Boston in Columbus, Ohio, was in a car accident. A live transformer crashed into his car while he was trapped inside. The vehicle caught fire and started to bend and melt around him when suddenly a stranger walked up, opened the car door, and helped him to safety. The stranger told the pastor that his name was “Johnny,” and he needed to leave the scene before the first responders arrived. Pastor John Boston never saw Johnny again and was able to walk away with minor injuries.

4. Safety and Security

Glenn Thomas in Michigan noticed footage of what looked to be an angel on his motion-sensor camera captured an image of one hovering over his pickup truck. He shared the picture with his pastor, who shared it to Facebook, which accrued hundreds of shares.

3. Strong Protectors

There once was a man’s friend whose grandmother was home alone. She’d heard a knock at the door and went to answer. She was greeted with a man wielding a knife intent on killing her and stealing her possessions, but as soon as he laid eye on her, he ran. When later caught and questioned, he reported having seen two large, strong men standing behind her. However, there was no one else physically there.

2. Guardian Ministers

In August of 1963, God spoke to Kenneth Hagin, founder of Rhema Bible College, about his ministry. When the Lord spoke to him, an angel stood behind Him. Kenneth asked God who the angel was and what he represented. The Lord responded that it was Kenneth’s angel. God reminded Kenneth that he’s had an angel watching over him all his life and that the angel was there to be used for ministering.

1. Singing Songs

A man named Steve said he died in his sleep in April 1993. His breathing and blood circulation stopped, and he died due to a chronic disease he’d had all his life. He experienced a few memories walking down a dirt road to find a place to fish when he was suddenly wrestled to the ground by two angels. He was brought to a place full of millions of angels singing praise to God in a range that would be impossible for a human to sing.

Where Do Angels Come From?

Angels, who they are and where they originate from, can be found in the Bible. From what the Bible says, God created angels before the creation of the universe. They were designed to fulfill many different roles like being messengers for God, warriors, witnessing history, worshipping and praising God, and being Guardian Angels.


The word angel means “messenger” and can be seen throughout the Bible as taking God’s message to people. They’re used to reveal God’s Word, relay an important message, give words of comfort and reassurance, warning messages, and telling or carrying out judgments.


According to what the Bible says, angels watch human beings and witness history unfold. They’ve done so since before God created the world and humans.

Glad Tidings and Deliverance

Angels are also sent to encourage us to make good decisions and guide us in life. They also help to deliver people from harm and to protect us. Angels also help to deliver the souls of those who’ve passed away to heaven.