Do Angels Walk Among Us?

Angels – Do They Walk Among Us? Angels are a symbol of faith and love for people all over the world. They are generally described as benevolent spiritual beings who act as intermediaries between Heaven …

Do Angels walk among us

Angels – Do They Walk Among Us?

Angels are a symbol of faith and love for people all over the world. They are generally described as benevolent spiritual beings who act as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth. However, many will agree that it’s hard to believe in something you’ve never seen.

Is it possible that angels are walking among usAngels have been here since the beginning of humankind, but some believe that only those with the purest hearts can see them. Sadly, this means that not everyone has had the chance to meet an angel.

This is because we don’t naturally possess such purity within ourselves to allow us to see through their veil. This sounds like a rather sad thing to realize: That an entire world is hidden from you by your own doing and cannot be revealed unless somehow you change.

This conclusion is not entirely accurate, however. You see, many people today are talking about how they’ve met angels personally and have proof. Are they telling the truth or are they just looking for fame? In this article, we will explore what it means for angels to exist on Earth with us and how to tell if you see an angel yourself.

Do Angels walk among us

Can You Force An Angel To Show Itself?

Some people believe that we can force angels to appear by doing acts of great selflessness and sacrifice like jumping in front of a stranger to save their life, or donating large sums of money towards charities.

They say if you do this enough times your heart will become pure enough to see the angelic presence all around you, and perhaps even for them to reveal themselves to you.

Not everyone believes this is true, though, because people have jumped in front of cars and strangers countless times and still not seen an angel.

Guardian Angels

Aside from regular angels, there is another kind of angel called a guardian angel. These beings watch over us and protect us from harm whenever they feel we need help.

It’s not clear how our guardian angels communicate with us, only that they protect us in ways we cannot see. Have you ever had a gut feeling that prevented you from doing something you would have later regretted? That’s likely your guardian angel warning you to stay away.

Some say that if you see angels it’s because God has chosen you for a special purpose and has sent an angel to guide you along your journey. Others believe we all have guardian angels who watch over us and keep us safe no matter what we do in life.

The latter is more likely the truth: We cannot control whether or not we see angels, but our guardian angels will always be there for us whenever we need them.

Do You Need To Be Religious To See Angels?

Some believe you must be religious to see an angel because the only place you can find them is within church walls where their presence is known by all who wish to commune with them. It’s certainly true that every major religion has a deep history of believing in and speaking with angels.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism – even Buddhism – have all historically claimed to see these beings in one form or another. That being said, some atheists claim to have been visited by angels from time to time as well, so this argument alone doesn’t prove anything.

Throughout Scripture, we see numerous instances in which angels were an integral part of God’s plan.

One verse alludes to the possibility that strangers you encounter today may be angels in disguise: “Do not forget show hospitality towards those who come into your home without warning–for when someone has shown you their kindness without knowing they are an angel, this means something special happened” (Hebrews 13:2).

The reference here is to Abraham whose angelic visitors appeared as men during one such encounter with him while traveling through Moria outside Jerusalem after being exiled there from Canaan; thus confirming these beings exist among us unawares.

Do Angels walk among us

Proof That Angels Walk The Earth

The Bible teaches that angels do exist and that they are beings of light whom God sends out to help us in our time of need. There have been countless stories from people claiming to have met their guardian angels who healed them, protected them, or showed them a way out of a dangerous situation.

If you open your eyes to the world around you and start to look for signs, such as an unexpected shaft of light or a sudden feeling of peace, that might be coming from the presence of an angel nearby.

Angels are always around but rarely do they show themselves to us unless we’re supposed to know about them. If an angel is preparing to visit you or is already watching over you, expect peace and joy to be among the things that give away their presence in your life.

How to Spot An Angel

  1. They show themselves to someone who needs a miracle. When a person is ready for a miracle, an angel appears and performs the miracle that the person needs.
  2. They appear during times of unusual blessings coming from God’s hand. Angels only do the will of God, so if you feel like something close to your heart is happening, there might be an angel involved.
  3. In daily life, an angel can make people see things or feel things they’ve never experienced before, such as peace or joy. These feelings are often enhanced when an angel speaks to an individual and explains what they mean and why we should cherish them as gifts from God to remind us that he is always around us.

The Dangers Of Seeing Angels

Are there dangers of seeing angels? Some believe that people who have been visited by their guardian angels feel so grateful for the experience that it turns addictive, and they seek out this feeling over and over again.

Unfortunately, they never learn how to cope with these feelings on their own so they rely on others’ experiences to guide them through life. As a result, not everyone who claims they see angels is being truthful. Instead, they’re just addicted to being saved by someone else all the time.

Some say that there is danger in meeting an angel as well. They say that you can get so enthralled by meeting an angel that you’re blinded to the problems happening around you.

While knowingly meeting an angel can be life-changing, it is important to keep a level head and not let it become the only thing you care about.

Can Demons Walk The Earth?

If we believe that angels are walking among us undetected, does that mean it is also possible for demons to be walking on Earth in human form, but not spotted because they make themselves invisible at will? Do they show up more often than good forces like guardian angels or God Himself?

We know that demons exist in religious texts. We also know that according to various religions, people can be possessed by these demons who try to get them to do evil things throughout their lives.

According to some religious experts, it appears as though if one experiences certain things (pain, ruin…), even for a short period, one could be taken over by a demon in that brief moment of weakness. Once this happens it is very difficult to get rid of the demon without help.

Do Angels walk among us

Proof That Demons Walk The Earth

Demons can do all sorts of things, but they’re especially good at making themselves look like something else so people won’t suspect them. They are constantly looking for ways to get people to sin or simply waste their time doing things nobody should be doing if they want to stay away from evil.

People often seek out demons’ help either when they’ve fallen into temptation or when they’re in a bad situation (like in jail, etc.), and demons always take advantage of this.

There is no doubt that demons exist. Since they can’t take human form, they often disguise themselves as angels of light (2 Corinthians 11:14) or even as God Himself (Luke 4:34), but it’s easy to see who they are by the result of their actions. They bring man only pain and ruin his life through lies and temptations.

How To Spot A Demon

  1. They will always be around places where other people are doing things that no moral person should do. These could be bars, casinos, strip clubs, etc. It’s very common to see demons present in places where people seek fun or gamble as these two things don’t come from God but Satan himself.
  2. They will pretend they have a job just so they can get close to you and tempt you into sin. If you notice somebody being too nice to you for no reason or trying to “help” you by cheating at a casino or work, this is a sign there might be a demon around who wants nothing more than your ruin.
  3. They often enjoy making themselves invisible so you don’t suspect them of anything. They will be around you all the time, but they will just seem like a “ghost” or a figment of your imagination. Also, they enjoy appearing as someone close to you who recently died so that they can unnerve you and cause confusion.

In Conclusion

It seems pretty certain that angels do walk among us, but the hard part is seeing them for who they are or having proof that you saw one. This is why having faith that they exist and being kind to strangers is important because you cannot always see them. Now that you know the signs to look out for, you just might meet your guardian angel.