10 People Who Claim To Have Seen Jesus

Stories of People Who Claim To Have Seen Jesus While many have claimed to have seen Jesus, there is still debate if he did in fact appear. Some argue that these individuals could be suffering …

Claim to See Jesus

Stories of People Who Claim To Have Seen Jesus

While many have claimed to have seen Jesus, there is still debate if he did in fact appear. Some argue that these individuals could be suffering from a mental illness. They have been accused of experiencing a hallucination or delusion. Others say that the person involved could have been deceived by Satan.  Further, some even believe that the sightings of Jesus were merely coincidences.

However, others defend the story saying that Jesus has appeared to more people than any other holy figures can claim for themselves.  They believe if God’s son wanted to come back to Earth then it would make sense for him to do so in a place where Christianity was beginning to flourish. They also say that certain visions prove the existence of Jesus.  Once a woman claimed to see an image of him on her toast.

The First To Claim Seeing Jesus After He Died Was The Disciples

The first people that claimed to have seen him were his twelve disciples. The disciples were in a burial cave when a bright light and two men emerged saying, “Why are you looking for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!”

The disciples then fled leaving everything behind them. They began preaching about Jesus Christ and how He has risen. Anyone who heard this rumor spread this story.  The apostles didn’t even believe themselves at first until they all witnessed what seemed like a ghost of Jesus saying, “take courage; I have conquered the world!” He then ascended into heaven.

The Second To Claim Seeing Jesus Was Paul

Stories of Sightings of JesusAfter the disciples claimed they had seen Jesus, someone who was not one of his twelve apostles claimed to have seen him as well.

There was a man named Paul who had been persecuting people for believing in Jesus.

He claimed he had an encounter with Jesus one day as he was traveling on the Road to Damascus.  During this encounter, he lost his sight for three days.

After regaining his sight, he became a Christian.  He began preaching that everyone and everyone needed to repent or they would face the same punishment.

10 People Who Say They Saw Jesus

The following are stories of near-death experiences that included appearances of Jesus Christ.

1. A woman who was in a motorcycle accident says her life flashed before her eyes.  She saw an image of Jesus Christ appearing in the tunnel with her with white light surrounding Him and His arms outstretched.

2. Dwayne Hoover claims he had a near-death experience. This happened when his car got stuck on train tracks in Illinois. His story inspired others to share their own stories of seeing Jesus appear before them as they were about to die.

3. A man from Italy was brought into the hospital for a stroke. He stated he saw an image of Jesus during his near-death experience. The Son of God told him to spread his word.  He has since dedicated himself to doing charity work around the world.

4. Shawn Poirier was struck by an oncoming train while walking home from work. He claims that he saw Jesus during his near-death experience. Heis now sharing this story with everyone who will listen.

5. James Long claims that he had an out-of-body experience.  He says he went through a tunnel of light where he saw various figures, including Jesus Christ.

6. A man claims that he saw Jesus after being injured in a serious accident. He was treated for broken ribs and head injuries.  He says his near-death experience changed everything he knew about life as well as religion.

7. An elderly woman claims she went through a near-death experience after having a heart attack and saw a star where Jesus appeared.

8. Eloi from Brazil claims he had a near-death experience.  He saw Jesus Christ and claims that the Son of God told him to spread His word.

9. Matt claimed that he had an out-of-body experience while on the operating table and saw Jesus Christ in Heaven.

10. A woman says she was persuaded to kill herself by demons.  She found herself looking up at the sky and at that moment she saw Jesus Himself.  She said He who told her not to commit suicide.

Near-Death Experiences

A near-death experience is a situation where someone believes they are almost about to die.  They find themselves going through a spiritual experience. Sometimes, near-death experiences involve a white light at the end of a tunnel. Some believe this can be explained by neurological events.

On the other hand, some people claim to have seen Jesus in their near-death experiences, and so this is why most researchers believe that near-death experiences are spiritual in nature rather than resulting from a neurological cause.

The Evidence for Jesus’ Appearances

There are many reasons why people believe that those who say they saw Jesus are true. One reason is that it shows His significance to so many people, and secondly, it also shows how important He is to the people who have had these experiences. If the reports of these near-death experiences are true, then it also shows how important Jesus is to people who nearly die and that He is still very much involved in the world despite Him not appearing as much today.

Some people say that Jesus is just a fictional character, and while others defend His existence due to near-death experiences.  The truth is that He is real. Near-death experiences involving Jesus Christ have shown Him as a powerful and loving figure.   He gives people second chances in life.  Many of these accounts can be verified by those surrounding the individuals who have had these experiences.

Are People Who Claim to See Jesus Crazy?

A person who claims to have seen Jesus can easily be written off as someone who quite possibly lost touch with reality. But maybe it is more important that we are open-minded.  There might be a supernatural explanation why so many people believe they see Jesus or even other dead relatives.

People who are taught about Jesus growing up have a higher chance of seeing or meeting with Him. This is because those people tend to be more sensitive towards the things that we cannot see, such as supernatural phenomenons like this one. Don’t dismiss these reports so easily even if it sounds crazy to us since there are many other stories just like them which may actually happen for real too!

Did He Really Appear?

Maybe Jesus does appear to people who have an increased likelihood to see him because they are more open to the possibility of his existence than most people are. Or maybe there is another explanation that can explain all these sightings at once. At least we should not just write them off as crazy without even considering any other possibilities.

A person seeing Jesus could also be explained by temporal lobe lability and being taught that he is real. Growing up in an environment where they learn this type of thing. A person has an increased chance of having this experience.

If they have “temporal lobe lability,” it could be easier for them to see Jesus than most people. Maybe Jesus does appear to some people because they are more open-minded about his existence than everyone else is. Or there could be another explanation that works for all sightings at once. We shouldn’t write off every sighting as someone who just lost touch with reality.

There have been numerous accounts of “Jesus” sightings over the centuries which begs the question, does He appear to those who need Him?  There are too many of these stories to discount the possibility.  Regardless, one thing is consistent, something extraordinary took place.