What Are the Best Leadership Development Programs In India?

Finding the Top Leadership Programs in India Are you interested in leadership development overseas but aren’t sure where to start your research? There are several good options for organizations that are making an impact overseas with …

India Leadership Development

Finding the Top Leadership Programs in India

Are you interested in leadership development overseas but aren’t sure where to start your research? There are several good options for organizations that are making an impact overseas with leadership training. Whether you’re interested in supporting, volunteering, or applying for a leadership development opportunity, we’ve curated a list of some fantastic organizations for you. Each of these organizations offers Christian leadership development in various ways and to different demographics of India. Please keep reading to learn about our top leadership organizations in India. 

HBI Global Partners 

HBI Global Partners’ goal is to develop India’s men and women through informal and formal leadership development and training. HBI’s goal is to enable these men and women to spread the Word of God throughout the nation of India. HBI equips teachers, scholars, and even local pastors with practical teaching and discipleship method. This enables them to continue making an impact on their local communities with the Word of God.

HBI Global Partners Training Programs

HBI offers several specific training programs that provide training for women and men in India: 

  • Formal Training: HBI provides formal education through both theology degrees and other professional degrees, like social work, communications, counseling, and business administration, and more. No matter what program you enroll in at HBI, the focus will always be on bringing the Word of God with you in your workplace. 
  • Biblical Training: HBI also offers training in Biblical studies so that students can better understand the Bible as they share the gospel and pursue a Godly life. Understanding the Bible and its doctrine is vital for those dedicated to sharing the gospel and living a godly life. This teaching will include an in-depth study of the principles and contexts of the Bible. 
  • Discipleship: Through this leadership development program, HBI can teach leaders how to effectively disciple those in their circles and congregations. HBI believes strongly in raising a generation of solid believers who will, in turn, disciple more believers.    
  • Church Leadership: HBI offers a leadership development program for church leadership, specifically. HBI staff train pastors and future pastors to lead and manage a church, including practical administration and financial management. 
  • Community Development: HBI also offers community development training to those interested in learning to make a holistic impact on local communities. 


Equip India

Equip India is an organization doing incredibly impactful work in India, focused on the underserved disabled communities. Their mission is to equip those with disabilities or with disabled conditions through physical, educational, emotional, and socio-economic intervention.

Equip India Outreach Programs

Equip India serves these communities with a variety of outreach programs: 

  • India Leadership DevelopmentPhysical Rehabilitation: Equip India provides therapy and corrective surgery services, focusing mainly on children with a disability. Surgical corrections, therapy, counseling, and customized adaptive devices are just a few things the organization can provide for children in need.
  • Advocacy Outreach: Equip India assists persons with disabilities in meeting challenges related to government aid and more by acting as a voice and guide in obtaining services organizations who offer things like free passes for bus travel, unemployment benefits, free mobility aids, railway travel concessions, educational assistance, and job placements. 
  • Camps and Rallies: Equip India provides hostel care to rural youth and children with disabilities seeking services or healthcare that requires several days to several months of stay in the city. Hostel parents ensure the facilities are safe and clean and that a loving environment is provided. Professional cooks provide nutritional vegetarian meals in keeping with the local Culture to best care for these children every day.
  • Training and Handicrafts: Equip India provides teaching in handicraft production to help persons with disabilities, supplement incomes, and provide for themselves. Once the skill is learned, these handicrafts can be made at home. Equip India partners with organizations with their handicraft training and production unit. This unit focuses on disabled young women from rural areas who are particularly vulnerable to economic difficulties. Once trained, these young women find their jobs liberating and attain a tremendous sense of accomplishment. 
  • Educational Assistance: To encourage students with disabilities in their academic pursuits, Equip India has educational programs like tutoring, scholarships, and hostels to provide support. 
  • Joni and Friends Project: Equip India partners with Joni and Friends to deliver hundreds of wheelchairs each year through their Wheels for the World program. Teams from the USA specializing in chair fitting come to India to customize every wheelchair to the recipient’s exact specifications to best support India’s disabled communities. 

Felicia Kids Home

An orphanage located in India’s Southwest region, Felicia Kids Home is a registered charity & religious trust. Felicia Kids’ home was established for the care and nurturing of orphans and vulnerable, at-risk children in India. Their vision is to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Here, abandoned children feel accepted, loved, and secure. They flourish as they grow and develop into the next leaders in their generation. This organization rescues orphaned boys and girls from three, regardless of race or religious background. They plant them in their home where they receive education, food, clothes, and a loving environment.

Felicia Kids Home is under the umbrella of “Help Us Build Ministry-Trust”. This supports the orphanage and a house of worship for local believers. They also support a water filter program that helps provide clean water to the underserved villages of India. Those interested in devoting time or resources to this ministry or the Help Us Build ministry can learn more by visiting their website. 

Heavens Culture Worship School

Heavens Culture Worship School’s vision and mission are to raise a generation of passionate leaders who will go into the World and make disciples. This organization also offers technical music training from the expertise and experience of gifted instructors. Heaven’s Culture is a mixture of classic musical training from older instructors and younger, newer styles to receive varied training.

Heaven’s Culture offers a school for both adults and children. Their curriculum is taught in two modules: Biblical Master Class & Elective Training and in two levels – Beginner & Advanced Levels. The kid’s school mirrors the adults in its offering of a Biblical Master Class and electives at all levels. Heavens’ Culture goals are to cultivate a passion for God’s presence, bring out and shape raw musical talent, and improve music skills.

They work to ground students in the Word of God, providing practical leadership training. Heaven’s Culture has been training both adults and children in these facets for over ten years. If you’re interested in enrolling in a program or support their mission, you can visit their website.

In Conclusion

India’s population of the underserved and those in poverty is shockingly prevalent. About 60% of India’s population of 1.3 billion people teeter on or below the poverty line. Over 20% of these individuals live well below it. These organizations in India make a marked impact on their local communities. This is done by providing leadership development and education to adults and children alike.

From orphans to underequipped pastors, you can make a difference today by giving time or resources to one of these organizations that work every day to improve the lives of those living in India. Be sure to check out our list of excellent organizations making a difference with their leadership development programs in India. You can learn more about pastoring and leading a church, church planting, or choosing the type of insurance your church needs here.

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