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Las Vegas Elopement photos
Las Vegas Elopement photos


Should I Hire a Elopement Photographer?

Answer: 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Elopement Photographer

If you and your future spouse are planning to elope, you may be wondering if it is important to hire a Elopement Photographer. As with a traditional wedding, there are several reasons why it’s important to hire a professional elopement photographer to capture your special day.

Your wedding day should be documented!

Even though you are opting for a less traditional elopement, the memories are ones that should be cherished. Your wedding day will only happen once, your elopement photographer will assist you in saving those memories to look back on in the years ahead.

You should have high-quality pictures to display.

Many couples wish to display the memories from their wedding day around their home. Simply put, iPhone photography just doesn’t look as nice on a large canvas.

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Professional photos are great for sharing!

elopement wedding photographerBy choosing an elopement, many family members, as well as close friends, are left out of your wedding day celebrations. Hiring a elopement photographer will allow you to share those special memories with them, helping them to feel like they were part of the celebration. You can find more ways to share the news with your family & friends here.

Capture unique photo opportunities.

Most elopements take place in a unique location. This provides for many unique photo opportunities in sf. Even if you don’t decide to capture traditional wedding photos, your elopement photographer will suggest fun ways to capture the day.

Save money by hiring an elopement photographer!

By hiring a professional elopement photographer, you will save money. Many elopement photographers have specific rates based on the shorter amount of time required for this type of wedding. A traditional wedding photographer may still charge their wedding rate even though they are working for a shorter period of time.

Photos are forever.

Your wedding photos are one aspect of your elopement that will last forever! You’re saving money on wedding catering and your wedding venue so your photos are one of the only ways you will be able to remember the day.

Create a stress-free day!

You should be able to fully enjoy your big day without the stress of remembering what photos you want to have taken. An elopement photographer will help reduce any potential stress during your elopement.

wedding photoUse for a wedding announcement.

Many couples who choose to elope decide to mail an official marriage announcement to both family and close friends. This eliminates the possibility of your cousin’s college roommate learning of your new marriage through Facebook before your aunt does.

They know the rules!

A professional elopement photographer knows the area. If you are planning to elope to either a mountain or other outdoor location, your photographer will be able to inform you of any rules and regulations that apply to your location. This eliminates any potential problems that could arise and ruin your special day.

True adventurers at heart.

An elopement photographer is a true adventurer at heart. Because of this, they will be willing to traipse up a mountain with you or take that tiny little trail to get some neat shots. Often, a traditional wedding photographer would be neither willing nor prepared to do this.


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